We welcome you from the south of Croatia, from Cavtat near Dubrovnik. A small coastal town located in Cavtat bay whose underwater hide remains of one of the largest sites of ancient shipwreck in the Adriatic sea. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with the best service!


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    Croatia Reef

    12 – 30 meters

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    A lot of smaller and bigger stone heads with a lot of different fish species and some old, antique anchors. It is possible to see mine from the time of Austro-Hungarian Empire on the depth of 23 m and 30 m. dive site have small cave on the depth of 12 m.

    Lenga Gaj

    8 – 40 meters

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    Reef starting at 8 meters and going up to 40 meters depth. In the end there is a cave, about 20 meters long and a smaller tunnel.


    18 – 60 meters

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    Left side:

    Island with natural wall going from 18-60 meters depth- remains from torpedo is on the depth of 32 meters on the end of wall where mureana fish can be seen.

    Right side:

    Reef which goes up to 25 meters with nice underwater topografy. Sometimes is possible to find lobster colony with more than 5 lobsters on one place. Big Octopus is usually seen also on this locations.

    Mrkan beach

    6 – 18 meters

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    South side of island Mrkan. Place protected from north wind (bura) which makes dive nice and easy in hard condition. Shallow dive site up to 15 meters for OWD divers and up to 40 for advanced divers. With a small cave on 5 meters and protected big shell (palastura) inside.


    7 – 55 meters

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    South side of the island Mrkan, big plateau up to 12 meters, and natural wall that goes over 50 meters hide two caves. One small on 35 meters and second biger on 40 meters. A large hole on the wall at depth of 22 meters is preferct place for soft corals and lobster to hide. The depth is from 7-55 meters.

    Mrkan Oltar

    25 – 40 meters

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    Ideal place for divers to enjoy shallow water where they can sea wall, reef and also rich marine life.

    Kaiser Franz Joseph Ship

    32 – 41 meters

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    The Kaiser Franz Joseph – ship long 100 meters, rests off Prevlaka, on its port side. This famous cruiser sailed for only 27 years. After the capitulation of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it was given to the French and anchored at Žanjica Bay. It foundered and sank one stormy night, on 17 October 1919, armed with explosives that still lie near the anchor at the ship’s bow. Almost 90 years have passed, yet the Kaiser Franz Joseph is still an alluring beauty. Max depth of the dive is 41 m.

    Bobara Ražnjić

    10 – 50 meters

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    Begining of bobara island with nice reef, octopus shelter and nice wall up to 55 meters with yellow sponges on the wall below 35 meters. Makes this unique dive for experienced divers, but also for beginners because in shallow water can be found rich sea life like octopus, mureana, conger, false coral, giant doris and many others.

    Bobara Vrata

    3 – 40 meters

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    Doorstep between two reefs, unique canyon up to 25 meters, where pustulus scorion-fish, loppei scorpion-fish and red scorpion-fish can be found along with spiny lobster on wall sides of canyon.

    Bobara Canyon

    7 – 40 meters

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    Dive site located on Bobara island. Start is in natural pool up to 12 meters and two canyons reachable from one central rock. Big canyon start at 2 meters and finish at 20 and other small canyon start at 5 m (south side) which leads to start point of the dive. On this dive it can be seen greater slipper lobster popular named baba.

    Bobara Cave

    3 – 40 meters

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    Cave set at bobara island which start at 10 meters. About 20 meters in lenght and very narrow at the end. Cave has air pocket reacheble only by experienced diver with cave speciality. Also on this site is possible to see few smaller tunels.

    Ponta Bobara

    3 – 40 meters

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    Left side end of island Bobara. Location perfect when strong south wind is present (jugo). The dive site have either shalow and deep to be reached and lobster can be found on the south side of location. There are remains from civil war, a head of granade unactive but not recommendable to touch.

    Lokrum Dead Sea

    3 – 18 meters

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    Cave on the island Lokrum with south side entrance and leads diver inside island Lokrum (dead sea).

    1800 Amphoraes

    25 – 27 meters

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    The biggest amphoras finding in Adriatic sea with more than 1800 well-preserved amphoras. The depth is 25-27 meters. Besides amphoras different species of fish can be seen in their natural environment.


    31 – 32 meters

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    Big antique utensils (each 2000 liter capacity) at the depth of 32 meters. It is the only completely preserved site with 10 whole pieces and confirmed shipwreck with boat preserved under the sand.

    Taranto Ship

    24 – 25 meters

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    Italian battle ship sunk in 1945. It is at the depth of 24-55 meters.


    3 – 18 meters

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    On 10 meters there is a big cave, with lake on the surface, small exit on 2 meters leads us to the shipwreck of Aurora. The accident happened near the port of Gruz on May 6th 1992, it is the biggest maritime tragedy in the recent Dubrovnik history. Two passenger ships crashed – Ilirija ferry and ship Aurora. During this tragedy 18 people were injured and 10 passed away.

    Tommy ship

    28 – 41 meters

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    A sunken ship from 1991 at the depth of about 40 meters.


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